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If you want to avoid getting stuck in traffic jams caused by accidents or you simply want to avoid hefty speeding fines, then a radar detector from Parkway Car Stereo is your best bet. We offer top-quality radar detectors that will help you steer clear of major traffic jams and speeding tickets when you’re on the roads in Long Island. If you turn to us for a custom radar detector install, you’ll have a quick and easy solution to minimizing your time in the car and keeping your driving record clean. Call or e-mail us today to learn more about your options for top radar detectors.

If you’re looking for the best radar detector on the market, Parkway Car Stereo has your needs covered. We work primarily with the K40 brand of radar detectors. These are some of the top radar detectors on the market, and most drivers prefer them due to their discreet nature. These detectors can be installed in your dashboard itself, so the installation is sleek and neat and they won’t attract unwanted attention. When it comes to choosing a quality radar detector, K40 is the way to go. If you’re unsure about what the best option for your vehicle is, our technicians will be happy to discuss the various components with you to help you find what's best for your particular needs. 

Expert Radar Detector Installation

Choosing the best radar detector for your vehicle is only half the battle. To make sure that you’re protected while out on the road, you’ll also need to ensure that your new unit is installed correctly. When you hire Parkway Car Stereo to handle your radar detector install, you can rest assured that your new detector will be installed with great precision. Our team of licensed and insured technicians has been in the mobile electronics business for over 30 years, which means you’ll benefit from all of the hands-on experience and expertise we’ve gained throughout the years. Put your faith in us and you’ll get seamless installation, friendly customer service, and affordable pricing!

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